Thank you so much for sending me the report so quickly! Reading it is giving me so much insight into things I never realized about myself!

It was really fascinating to have a report on my aura.

I really enjoyed the photo experience, and the information has been very helpful to me.

Thanks so much for today and your prompt report! I just finished reading through it quickly and will take more time later to reread it in depth! Many qualities were "right on target”!!!
Thanks Jan/Jay for such an informative report!
There it was in the report on whites - highly absorbent of others energies extremely empathic. Fascinating!
Thank you very much...I received the report and am fascinated!  Hope to see you again at another event sometime soon;-)
Thank you so much! I didn't realize how incredibly detailed it was! Definitely going to recommend people to do the full report, totally worth it!
Thank you, Jan & Jay. What a thorough report!
Thank you so much. This is incredible stuff.
I knew that I was presently 'out of balance' but to see it confirmed so completely was a good wake-up call too. I ended a toxic relationship a year and a half ago and continue to suffer a bit from its repercussions. But I am beginning to see the light again and this report is a good reminder about mycontinued journey of healing. I need to stay on my present path of rediscovering myself and returning to my true purpose. Thanks again.
Thank you!!  This is great!
I have learned a lot from this experience about my inner workings. I will recommend this to all my friends. Thank you once again!
Just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful experience at the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown and for the Aura Chakra Report.
  I'm just getting to read the aura report - it's really amazing. So many of the blue qualities I have known about myself but didn't realize the interconnections.  I need to read it over several times to take it all in. But it helped me to understand some of the situations in my life that have been problematic. I do need to recharge more often but I do sometimes - just not enough.  I'm really glad I could learn about this. Thank you.